Suit up!

I started this blog more than two years ago, and the standard wordpress template I chose at the very beginning made it through more than two years and almost 80 entries until it started to really annoy me. When you spend so much time and effort to create some lasting images as I do, you just want them to be presented in the best possible way. That’s why I’ve been thinking about a redesign for quite a while now.

Unfortunately, I am not that much of a wizard when it comes to tweaking the design of anything even remotely related to html, so I was very lucky to have my great friend and colleague Florian Freundt, who offered his help immediately when he heard about my ideas.

The result of his efforts can now be seen online, I hope you like it as much as I do. Huge thanks to Flo for making this possible. I’ve got an awful lot of images to share, and with this new design and the huge 800px template, I am really looking forward to writing and posting the next few entries.

2 Responses to “Suit up!”

  1. Moritz sagt:

    Posh! Though I didn’t see much of your old layout, as it doesn’t make it through the RSS. Going to apply here as well, I guess.

  2. Flo sagt:

    Not that I would have any idea about what I’m doing! :)

    Got to remove that Avatar thingy for example, but I think that switch is in the wordpress backend 😉

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